I’ve been checked and put in my place y’all. Not rudely or disrespectfully—but a friend of mine spoke her mind about how I was coming off (unknowingly) and it gave me a greater perspective.

Basically, I’ve been on this whole Walk With Christ kick (not to minimize how important this walk is—I just like the lingo) and I’m learning that I have been coming off judgmental towards people around me just because I made the decision to strengthen my relationship with Christ. One of the ways I am doing so is by routinely going to church, and question why my friend doesn’t. Although I am questioning her church attendance jokingly, she seemed to think otherwise—as she had a right to feel as such.

“I won’t say that my feelings were hurt nor am I mad b/c neither are definitely true. But I will say that I felt like I was being judged last night by you on ALL levels. When you asked me am I saved, primarily b/c I don’t go to church every Sunday, really took me for a loop. By no means do I compare my Christianity to anyone else, but I would like to believe you know me well enough to know that I am saved. Christianity is not measured on how many times you go to church”—is what a great deal of the text read.

I was shocked. I wasn’t offended or anything like that—just shocked. I hadn’t realized that I was giving off that type of vibe because that certainly wasn’t my intention. Nor did I realize I asked her was she saved—I don’t remember asking her that and if I did I am utterly surprised at myself, considering I am not saved yet.

Regardless if I said it or not, I felt compelled to apologize (and I did) because the last person I want to be is that judgmental/pushy Christian waving my lifestyle in everyone else’s face. That’s not me…intentionally.

I did it again this past Sunday. I was sitting in church and a friend of mine came and sat next to me, an hour after service has been going on. His first words were “how are you” while mine were “boy you late!” Dope…smacks forehead* I immediately felt embarrassed after I said it because I realized I had done it again. “Alana don’t you think he knows he’s late?! He doesn’t need you to remind him” is what I thought to myself.

I had to give myself plenty self-reflection on the type of person I was becoming and why I was becoming that way. In my walk with Christ, not only am I striving to build an everlasting relationship with Christ, I want to pull in people with me. I want to encourage those who are struggling—we can encourage each other. Just because I am no longer struggling in a certain area certainly does not give me the right to judge others who are currently in that season of struggle. I am human and have flaws to last for days. But I am working on it.

If you are reading this and have ever felt that I have judged, stereotyped or labeled you, I sincerely apologize for doing such. Honestly, many times I am unaware if I am doing that but I am praying for Him to rid me of the judgmental bug and replace it with encouragement. After all, if God sat in front of me and literally told me everything I have done, do, will do wrong…MAN…I don’t ever want to experience that. I apologize. Pray for me…as I am praying for you


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