I spoke about my #GodBeKnowing moments in a previous post but you may not have caught it. Basically I say God Be Knowing when something happens to me that most would consider a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences. When things like this happen, I know it's only him that could have made it happen because HE KNOWS! 

My #GodBeknowing moment for today just happened a few hours ago. For many who know me, I've discussed my passion with them. My passion is to work with single fathers. I love mentoring young mothers and showing them that life isn't over after a baby. I know a lot of single mothers, and although I love helping them, single fathers need much more help. They don't have many resources and their isn't a lot of information on them...at all. I get the same surprised look everytime I have this discussion. After writing a 15 page paper on single father advocacy, I found my passion for wanting to help with fathers who WANT to be active with their children but situations (the courts, the mother, etc) doesn't work in their favor. I want to help.

While at my internship, I met a girl today who works with at risk youth. Parentlink, my internship, is hosting a camp called THRIVE for 12-16 to teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle and the lady I met will be sending over the at risk youth that she works with. She explained to me that a lot of the boys there have kids but do not have custody of them. That is right up my alley and the perfect audience for me! She wants to start her own non profit to work with at risk youth and I want to start a non profit to work with single fathers. PERFECT MATCH! I will also be volunteering there soon! I'm so grateful for us to have crossed paths so our passions can intertwine. When your goals line up with God's purpose for your life, he will have you meet people and open doors for you that will bring that passion to life. You will know that it is no one but God that is making this happen for you. Now all I have to do is gather the courage to take this GRE for grad school and I'm on my way :) God I Love You! You be knowing!!!!!

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