If I thoroughly tell the whole back story, I will get lost in my tangent just as you would so I am going to try to keep it brief. I've mentioned several times how I really want to work with single fathers and hopefully open up a non profit offering resources to single fathers. Not only is that my passion but I received confirmation that that is also my purpose.

Over the course of these past couple of months, things have been aligning in order for me and I do not believe in coincidences. I cannot emphasize that enough. It all began here.

(1) When changing my major to Communication two years ago, the goal was to pursue Public Relations in the entertainment field. I always felt like it was an interesting field and would love to work in it. That desire slowly but surely died.
(2) It wasn't until this past semester when I took a class called Argument and Advocacy. Our final paper was on a topic of our choice that we would advocate for. I chose Single Father Advocacy. After a semester of research, stress, and frustration, it opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't know before and that was when the passion began to develop.
(3) My internship for the summer, ParentLink, is just one of the many confirmations I received in this short amount of time that working with fathers is my purpose. I started off as a student/parent going there to complete homework, to volunteering, to working for a summer, back to a student/parent & volunteer, now I'm an intern. I've developed relationships with the people there and I'm learning so much. And to think, this wasn't the internship I started with this summer. I was interning for a magazine for two weeks and was very unhappy. I gave them a letter of resignation and started at ParentLink two days later. Now in love.
(4) Since being at ParentLink, I'e networked with people that God purposely had me meet that will further help my purpose. I met a girl who works with at risk youth in which some are young parents, and I will be volunteering with them this upcoming semester. (b) I made the decision to go to grad school and although I didn't want to stay at Mizzou, I feel as though that is what God wants me to do. Throughout the semester, I work with advisors at the Department of Arts and Science. One of the advisors just got hired at the grad program I want to apply to as a recruiter for admissions. I just met with her last friday. (c) Just yesterday, I met a lady who works with at risk youth and inner city individuals. She was also a young and single parent. What was supposed to be a 20 minute conversation to recruit some of her kids for the camp the ParentLink is having, turned into a 90 minute discussion. She has so many resources that could work for my benefit its ridiculous. I told her as well if she ever needs any volunteers for anything she is doing, I would love to help. She works with many single fathers as well. (d) Also yesterday, my boss wanted me to stay longer at my internship to meet a man she was having a meeting with to discuss keeping the Cub Hub open. (Cub Hub is where student/parents go to have their children watched for free while they are in the other room studying) Anytime someone comes in the office, she wants to introduce me to them so I didn't think anything of it. Well this man was the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies who wants to meet with me about coming to Mizzou for grad school and discuss many fellowship opportunities. That was my last and final confirmation about where to go for school, seeing as I've been praying for a word to either stay here or go back home. I cried when he walked out the room because I was overwhelmed at how amazing God is. These aren't coincidences.

I realized that God doesn't want me to fulfill my own desires then ask him for help. Each day I pray for him to kill my flesh and push out my own desires to make room for his will. I want my passion and desires to align with his, not the other way around. I once wanted to work with entertainers, caught up in a lifestyle I thought I would want to have. God ordered my steps to do something he saw fit for my life. So many doors are opening for me and it is amazing. Often times beyond words. When you kill your flesh each day, as hard as it is, and pray that he shows you your purpose- when it happens.....it's a mouth dropping occassion. Trust me! Thank you God! You are so amazing! #GodBeKnowing

Ebony Brown
06/20/2012 8:36am

Gone head gurl!

Jasmine Stocking
06/20/2012 9:04am

Im proud of you Alana! Let him use you!

06/20/2012 9:18am

God is about to use you to do some amazing things for fathers. I applaud and admire you.

06/20/2012 11:14am

I pray so Larry! I really do! Thanks for the inspiration!


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