This is what I like to call my #GodBeKnowingMoment. I happen to have these a lot. People believe in consequences. I don't. When things happen in my favor (sometimes when they don't happen in my favor) I always point to the sky and say #GodBeKnowing. Kind of an "ethnic" way of putting it but who cares. I always have to stop and acknowledge him and his works because he is so amazing. I know I am far from deserving of his magnificent grace, but he just keeps on. Well, my #GodBeKnowing moment today happened when I went to visit my job and talk to them about me leaving my internship and going to another one. I work in an advising office and one of the advisors is leaving to home school her two sons so I went to say goodbye. After a long discussion of what was going on with me and saying good bye, she told me how amazing I was and that I was l awesome. (I LOVE DEANNA). She also made me aware that another one of the advisors was leaving as well but only to another department on campus. She got a position as a recruiter in admissions for the grad program I am trying to get into. PERFECT! Now I have a connect in the grad program I will soon be applying to. If I never left this internship, I wouldn't have been able to see my advisor leave and wish her well, nor would I have known about the other advisor who took a job in a place that may be of use to me as well. #GodBeKnowing


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