This will probably be one of my shorter postings but I just had to let y'all know how weak this man is! I'ma stop calling him "man" too because he doesn't even deserve that title. He who I am speaking of is the enemy (its gonna stay in lower-case). He really been trying to get me y'all. He knows I've been growing in my relationship with my man (God), and he's mad so he's trying to intervene. Have you ever noticed whenever God is ordering your steps and things are going right, here comes the enemy trying to impose on your blessing? You have to be aware and smart enough to block his advances because he can be slick. This what he did this morning.

(1) I wake up to two missed text messages from my ex—— enemy think he slick. Just gone ahead and put that phone back down.
(2) I'm driving to take Addy to daycare this morning and my radio was playing Robin Thick new song All Tied Up. I love me some Robin Thick but it is a sexually suggestive song. I couldn't turn it off though! *sigh*
(3) Immediately after that song went off, Silk song Can We Make Love and then right after that was Avant Makin Love. I had to change the station after that because the enemy KNOW that those are/were my jams and for it to be playing in consecutive order like it was...nobody but the enemy!

It is humorous and some may even think this is a waste of a post, but let me inform you as to why I felt this as important. Being on this journey of celibacy (I will have a blog post about this too) it is hard! When we hear sexually suggestive songs (thats what my itunes mostly consisted of) it can create thoughts that do not belong in your head. Of course I am not acting on the thoughts but they are still there. Especially songs that are "my song."

You have to place yourself in environments that are conducive in your walk with Christ. At bible study, Bishop was just talking about how we know our weak areas. Specifically he says, "YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WEAK AT! WHY WOULD YOU PURPOSELY PLACE YOURSELF IN SITUATIONS THAT YOU KNOW YOU GONE FALL!" My sentiments exactly. Sexual immorality is one of the many demons I have been delivered from and I want to keep it that way. Yes I love Robin Thick, Silk, and Avant, but I know it's no good for this lifestyle. Sometimes you just have to change the station....literally and metaphorically. 

Anytime the enemy tries to come at you...just keep telling him how WEAK he is! Always works for me.

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