You praise God every morning you wake up- whether it be a brief Twitter posting stating how you thank God for waking you or literally get on your knees and verbally say "Thank you for waking me God- and go about your day. You get yourself dressed for whatever tasks you have set out for yourself to do today. Today is all about YOU. YOU know what all YOU want to do; all YOUR desires YOU want to fulfill. Have you ever took the time to think that maybe the things YOU want to do, God has a completely different plan for you? Especially if you have enough knowledge to know that whatever you are pursuing is not approving of God. You may be deceived at your own success. You may be overly successful at something that is disapproving to God. What is success in an area that means absolutely nothing? You are so caught up in your self that you may never take the time to acknowledge that this isn't God's purpose for your life. (When I say YOU and YOUR, I am including myself as well). 
This was all me, lowkey still is. I would wake up and be so ancy to grab my phone before I even pierced my lips to say Thank You God for waking me this morning. I would be curious to see if anyone called or texted me overnight, or what was Twitter talking about. I get so caught up in much of my day that I was/is being so selfish to not incorporate God into my day. "I have to take Addy to daycare; I have to get to class on time; I have to go to work; i have a meeting at 6; I have to study for my exam tomorrow; I have to catch this new episode tonight; I have! I have! I have!" <-- That was/is all me. But the thing is, who said that "I have" to do all these things, because if all these things are hindering be from giving my time to God then it SURELY was not God that told me I had to do these things. 
*I feel myself about to go off on a tangent but you'll soon learn that my thoughts are very random, if you haven't figured that already. It's still easy to understand though. Anywho...*
If you find yourself so caught up in "getting money" and "gaining notoriety" or "gaining success", those all may be selfish thoughts. I was just having this discussion the other day with a friend about the "American Dream" and how it will have you out here just lost. Society has a long list of what success is and how we are SUPPOSED to gain it. Go to school, get a degree, get a well paying job (most of which do not even like their job, they just do it for the money), get married and have kids-in that order. Many people are following this thinking that statuses and titles are what they are SUPPOSED to obtain. One of the realest quotes someone just told me, "God didn't go to school nor does he have a degree, but he knows EVERYTHING!" Think about it. If on your journey to "success" you find yourself frustrated, stressed, and confused, you may be trying to fulfill your own personal desires and not God's. For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace-1 Corinthians 14:33. 
I'm not saying that God's way won't sometimes have you wondering what you are doing, but if you are at peace with what you are doing then it is of God. Don't be so caught up in what the next person has or what society deems as successful that you miss your calling.

I'm still learning as I grow in my spiritual walk. One of my many resources is a book I am reading called How to Hear From God by Joyce Meyer. It is helping me discern God's voice from my own voice. It is a great read and I highly recommend it! Anyways, I'm off my tangent. Good day :)

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