It's been a minute since I've been able to blog and I figured it's about that time. Glad I was able to go through something to help someone else. Story goes as follows....

My family and I (parents and younger brother) are all in Orlando,FL for a vacation. We departed on the 4th and won't be returning until the 9th. Nice get-a-way—no work—no kids (Addyson)—just good family time enjoying cousins who happen to live in Florida. That is the mindset I should have kept throughout the trip-but of course-my spoiledness always tends to appear. 

This is my first time in Florida, first time seeing Disney World and Orlando Studios, first time on a beach—but yet— I still managed to grow....bored. I grew frustrated at the fact that I would be with family for the next five days..straight. My every move would be restricted due to lack of transportation. Where they would go I would have to go. Age appropriate things open for me to do were unavailable to me due to my little brother only being 19. God knows what he being doing though. I wanted to get into clubs and I wasn't able to. I complained rather than thanking God for keeping me from something that COULD have happened. I complained about being around my family for five days straight rather than praising God that I have a loving family to be stuck with. 

I complained about always being in the third row of a car site-seeing rather than praising God that I was sitting in a well air-conditioned vehicle taking me places I could never see back in St.Louis. I let frustration and pettyness overcome me for several hours. I mean I was in Disney World and Universal Studios..these are things I've only seen on television. (We didn't go inside the actual cost $90..AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!) But I was still there. Amongst a myriad of cultures—so much diversity. But typical Alana, always finding something to complain about. *Sigh* I've came to my senses though. 

Needless to say, I am enjoying myself. No work, no child (although I miss her very much) just plain ol' vacation. Thank you Jesus for this blessing. I appreciate it.

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