After having a burning desire to start this blog just last week, it didn't take long for me to become lazy and get behind on my postings. Something interesting happens to me every single day (not too interesting), enough to make me want to post, but I always manage to find an excuse to draw my attention elsewhere. The thought to create this blog was embedded in my brain for a while and I finally came across somebody who could help me bring it to life (still under construction), but just like other things in my life, the discipline is never there. I don't have discipline when it comes to reading for my classes, finances, FAST FOOD, and now my blog has fell into that same pool. 
Only reason I am being this hard on myself, because this blog is not just for me. It started as my idea and me putting all my thoughts and experiences into words, but it isn't just for me. Like I said before, I'm using my transparency as a means for other people to relate to, and to know that as long as God has given them another awaken opportunity, their lifestyles can change. Hopefully this blog will continue to hold accountability over me, and to even be a catalyst to implement discipline in all areas over my life, not just this blog. 

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