<-- See this why I love her. During this phone call, she hit it right on the money. To sum it all up, I've been having problems with my internship (previous internship as of today) and I needed some words of encouragement as to what to do. Conversation goes as such, "Let's cut right to the chase. The Lord told me to tell you to stop comparing yourself to other people and asking yourself why other people have gotten certain internships and positions that you didn't." She is right. I was comparing myself to many people I know who have gotten the opportunity to obtain paid, seemingly fun internships. I applied for several and was only offered one (which happens to be unpaid). I contemplated daily as to what is it that everyone else has that I don't. What God has for ME is for ME. The sooner I realize that the better. To sum it up, after days of 
contemplating, praying, and seeking the Word, I asked my pastor what I should do and I was told to always go where I seek peace. I dreaded coming into my internship everyday (I was only there for two weeks) and never felt comfortable while I was there. Fortunately, I had another internship lined up for me that caters to what I want to do as a career anyway. Hopefully everything turns out in my favor. #S/O to Candess though.


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