Often times when I take a shower, I consider that my isolation time to not only cleanse myself but reflect and spend time with God. Considering I have a 3-year-old always running around, this is technically the only time I have to myself...besides her sleeping time. I consider that my spiritual cleanse time. I am not only physically cleansing all the "dirt" that piled on my skin throughout the day but I am cleansing myself from the inside out. 

I pray that God rids me of all things that I possess inside me that does not glorify him or that he does not find pleasing. I pray that he cleanses me of all pollutants that I voluntarily place inside of me. Whether is be words of gossip. thoughts of lust, envy, jealousy, or hatred, or just little things that idolizes everything but Him.

We take the time to work on our physical appearance everyday (I'm assuming). Knowing we will come across others everyday and want to come off as well put together but can be nothing but trash on the inside. I will never be cleansed if I do not start from the inside and I am well aware that I cannot do  that on my own. The thoughts I have, food I eat, words I speak.....all these are vital to my body as a vessel in building his kingdom. Next time you take a shower, pray for a true cleansing. Dial, Zest, or any brand of Bath and Body Works cannot do anything with this kind of cleanse. 

Recite these words....or say whatever helps you communicate to God the way you like to.

"Lord, right now I ask you to cleanse me of all things not like you. From the inside/out. I am aware that I sin daily but now I am a new creature and my intentions are to please you...even when the outcome doesn't always look that way. I do not want to possess anything that does not glorify you because i know whatever is inside of me will eventually come out. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Cleanse me Lord. Amen"

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