In recognition of Father's Day, that was the title of yesterday's sermon and it was simply AMAZING! Bishop took the time to acknowledge all the Father's that were of attendance yesterday, young and old. All of them flooded the alter and took an oath, declaration rather, to be the best father/man that God has destined for them to be. Just seeing all those strong, beautiful black man in abundance almost brought a tear to my eye.

Bishop continued on describing Proverbs 31: Written by King Solomon as he describes the Virtuous Woman/Wife. He stated every detail of that woman and ended with the question to Solomon...."What about the Virtuous Man?"

Luckily he was able to find a scripture just for the brothas (as he would say). 1 Chronicles 2:6 this scripture noted all five sons of Zerah: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol, and Dara. This interesting thing about it is, these five men were no longer mentioned throughout the rest of the book but Zerah (THE FATHER) is. This lead into his point, especially for fathers, they may not know who you are but they know who your FATHER is. Because they know your father, therefore you are important because your father is important.

*FATHERS: Your kids may not necessarily know you or see you very often but that does NOT mean you are NOT important and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Even more interestingly enough, even though the five sons names were no longer mentioned throughout the rest of the Bible, they were of much importance.
Zerah is the FATHER
Zimri means "Vine"
Ethan means "Firm"
Heman means "Faithful"
Calcol means "Sustainer"
Dara means "Barrier of the Weight"

For the ladies, it is not hard to find a Good Man because he is everywhere you seek him. JESUS! Any and every time you call upon him, he appears and supplies all of your needs. He may not do it when you feel you should have it, but guarantee you are never without. In the mean time, if you are single, continue to strengthen and grow in your relationship with Christ while he is preparing someone just for us :

For the fellas, you are very important. You may not be perfect and everyone is with flaws but here are some very good and possible traits provided by the upmost high. Also, you may have been without a father in the physical form, but you are never without your heavenly father. Never have been and never will be. It is up to you to seek him. <-- That last one can be for anyone actually.

I just found it amazing that this service was highlighting our men and not feeding into the stereotype of dead beat fathers. Not all of them are. Rather highlighting all the good qualities of men to provide encouragement. This was further confirmation for me to pursue my passion of working with single fathers.


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