After me venting to Candess about my struggling time in Orlando and her sending me self-reflection questions, she decided to answer them on her own. Goes as follows:

1) How much alone time do I spend with God?
At LEAST 5-10 minutes. Sometimes more. What Im finding is that the time I spend with Him doesn't have to be the same thing. Sometimes its the bible...maybe a date a conversation, journaling, listnening to a sermon, reflection is always a good one for me. 

2) Who is in my environment?

I've been blessed with some AWESOME Men and Women of God that I actually like and get along with. A lot of Christian's neglect the notion that just because I love Christ and you love Christ, doesn't mean we're gonna automatically get along. The crew I got meshes naturally. We click SO easily. Everyone is concerned with God's plan for the season they're in right now. It's easy to be myself..flaws and all. Unfortunately, I don't see them everyday and a few of my closest friends have yet to accept Christ as their Lord & Savior. This sucks...sometimes. My mind is actually the worst! 

3) What areas of me are still broken?

Adapting the mind of God. I'm still pretty judgemental and lie about stupid things. Like not even kinda important little stupid things. My lack of Obedience.

4) Have I really forgiven myself?

I have. It wasn't that long ago, but I have. 
5) Have I really forgiven those who have hurt me?

Again, it wasn't that long ago....but I have. 

6) Have I surrendered my all to Christ (or do I still try to control)?

I have! HOWEVER, I still be tryna neogtiate with God. Accepting His will means accepting His timing in my life. God is also teaching me that faith just is. When I tell you to move, you move. "Your faith should be so fast that your feelings don't have time to react"

7) Do I even know how to do number 6?

He is the way, the TRUTH, the life, DYING TO FLESH! 

8) What does salvation really mean?

MAN!! I could go ON about this one!! But i'll sum it up with this: My death, burial, and resurrection that's possible ONLY because of His death, burial, and resurrection. Im a sinner drowning in the SAME Grace that freed me! Walking in His vision. FREEDOM. True Freedom! 

9)What am I feeding my spirit?

WHOLE FOODS.......with a little Junk food every here and there. It's gotten better. Twitter will trip me up every now and then. I be havin to deactivate dawg....I've cleaned out my itunes but old school R&B hasn't left yet. #alanaknows lol 

10) Do desires of the world still motivate me?

Not like they used to. The thought to do something worldly will arise in my head and I have to pray about it. I won't say Im MOTIVATED by the desires of the world, but they're not gone from my life. ex: when I began working on my 1/2 sleeve, I was inspired by art but I was motivated by the approval of others and the fact that they thought I wasn't "BOLD" enough to do it. Though I LOVE IT and am proud of it, God has showed me that my heart was in the wrong place when I got it. He's reminded me that Im unique enough. There's nothing to prove and CERTAINLY NOT to man. Good thing He showed me this to because if the world was to hate me tomorrow for having it, I'd be crushed because that's where I found my validation. The boldness we need in Christ, is deeper than being a spectacle in public because you've changed your appearance. Me being a Christian makes me stand out enough. lol

11) Am I regularly confessing my sins?

Every single day! I try to find a scripture or literature to combat it too! this thing is a DAILY effort!

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