So my family has gone through a lot to say the least within the past seven months; more so within the past two months. It all kicked off with my little brother getting shot in April (Praise God for keeping him), to just about all of my parents siblings being admitted in a hospital for some reason. All three of my father’s sisters and my mother’s brother have been in the hospital. (1) My aunt April was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer so she is dealing with that (2) My uncle Quinton just had major heart surgery to correct his leaky heart valve (3) My aunt Violet had to get shock treatment on her heart to prevent it from going under cardiac arrest—she has an enlarged heart (4) My aunt Helen (Evon) had a heart attack this past weekend and was in a coma for a little over 24 hours. Praise God, she woke up from her coma this morning (July 22, 2012). Not to mention tomorrow (July 23,2012) will mark the three-year anniversary of my fathers’ brothers passing. As you can imagine, a lot of emotions have been weighing on my parents shoulders, but through it all, God has kept my family and I under his mercy and grace.

One thing that I did notice in the midst of all this, despite my praying over my family members, I still let the issues I am dealing with, surface their way up to overly important matters—when they really don’t deserve it. I managed to succumb to my own emotions during times where my prayers over my family mattered most (not to say that my prayers don’t usually matter). I’ll describe this more in my next blog—I just wanted to introduce it in this one.

Overall, words really cannot describe how grateful I am for the magnificent works God has done for my family. Thank you seems far from enough


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