Dear Miss Alana,

God has so much favor over your life that it would take you 6564645353 lifetimes to fully comprehend. That’s the beauty of life though. Don’t try to seek understanding, rather have faith and be thankful for all the many blessings he pours over your life. All the things you once thought were the start of the end of your world were just petty milestones to get you where you are now. If someone told you that you would be the mother of a two year old mini-you would you have believed them? Of course you wouldn’t. At the age of 18 the only worries that ever came across your head was what to wear at the party that following weekend. But God had a different plan for you. Becoming with child at such a young age you didn’t know which fork in the road would be available to you and although HE didn’t praise you for your actions, he made/makes sure that you have absolutely nothing to complain about. Look at your life! You have the most supportive family anyone could ever ask for. You may not always understand nor care for the advice that Mr. & Mrs. Flowers give you but just know that they have and will ALWAYS have your best interest at heart. 

Remember the nights where you cried holding your pregnant belly after coming to the conclusion that you are and will be a single mother? Here and now, you are preparing to walk across the stage as of December 2012; you are a full-time student/parent that wakes up every morning to go to class only to start your second shift when Addyson comes home from daycare. Many look up to you for your ambition and drive to do better not only for you but for your child as well. Days seem hard but have you noticed that every time you feel like you are on the brink of breaking down, the Lord comes as a knight in shining armor and you are back on your feet again. So once again, give continuous praise for this is only the beginning of all the blessings you have in store. You have absolutely nothing to complain about.


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