Clever title, but not created by me. After going to bible study last night (WHICH WAS AMAZING BY THE WAY) the preacher talked about how many of us are in a season of distraction. This was right on point for me....especially since my post yesterday talked about how I fall victim to my environment. I kept track of the key points and compiled notes to send out to those I care about. It's a universal message that can have strong meanings for meaning. Notes goes as follows......
Plight of a Distracted Christian: Merits of Not Quitting

Scriptures to reflect on:

            Nehemiah 4:16

            2 Thessalonians 3:10

            Genesis 1:26, 27, 28

*We are in a season of distraction. Only reason we become distracted is because we take our “eye” off the target (our purpose)

* It is the expressed interest and JOB of the enemy to see us fail; his sole purpose

*He even goes as far as attacking those we hold dear to us to get to us; he does not mess with those we do not care about (finances, families, etc.)

*We have become so distracted over things we already have DOMINION over. In Genesis Chapter 1, it talks about how God created Adam in his image and how he gave him DOMINION over everything that was created (animals, fish, plants, etc.). The serpent that attacked Eve then came for Adam. Adam fell prey to the very thing he already had DOMINION over (the serpent who came for Eve)

* As humans every day, God gave us the power to speak life (and death); we have DOMINION but fall prey to things that WE have the POWER over

*Bind the spirit of distraction (friends, family, loved ones, bosses, jobs, co-workers, those who consider you an enemy, finances, sickens, etc.) anything and everything that distracts you.

*Speak things that are not as though they already are.

*When your life is going nowhere, the enemy sees no purpose in attacking you. When you are prospering, the enemy will come full force. Once you are in the word of God, he has provided you with armor (his word); the enemy will have NO victory.

*Three main points…

            (1) “ I have faced this before. Called it out and named it! I have DOMINION over it! WHY bow down to it now??”

            (2) I have to fight (work). How do I expect to reap the benefits without first putting in the work?

            (3) My labor MUST produce…or else. (Don’t come to church just to absorb a word for yourself, DO SOMETHING WITH IT)  You don’t get an A just by coming to class, you have to do work!

We are Planted, Placed, and Empowered for Purpose! God always takes care of his children. Never question his love for you or his grace! I’m praying for you J


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