“So what is keeping you from fully committing to God?”- I remember getting asked this question not too long ago. I thought about and didn’t have an answer- still don’t. That’s because there is no legit answer to NOT commit to God and whole-heartedly live for him; To be protected under his grace; To be forever grateful and ever praising for him keeping us from things that could very well have put us six feet under- it seems so simple, like common sense. As we all know, common sense isn’t very common- at all.

Then I often think, are the temptations of the world really that powerful to keep me from fully submitting? Is the enemy just that clever? Just the very thought of those questions make me want to immediately say NO. But really, when I reflect on my life and the decisions that I’ve made, I still have YET to fully commit.

I’m young; I like attending social events (gatherings, parties, etc) like the next person; I involve myself in frivolous gossip for pure entertainment; I entertain my ears with music that probably should be deleted off of my ITunes; I have a serious addiction to my cell phone, like I’m always checking it; I can be selfish quite often, even when it comes to my own child; I put too much weight on other people’s opinions (I care too much what others think of me); I can go on and on and on. The crazy thing is, one by one, I never thought all of these things were that serious of an issue to keep me from living the will of God. But that’s just it! No matter how small or how petty we think things are, God views it completely different. Stealing candy from a store is the same as car theft to God; Not sharing something with someone who asks is the same as doing more things for yourself than with God (selfishness) to God.

Our human minds can never grasp what God has in store for us. That is the whole purpose of faith. If I’m really that strong in my faith and belief in God, how come I haven’t given him complete and utter control of my life?

If me attending certain events that aren’t in the best interest of what God wants me to do then, I pray for deliverance from that. If certain people I hang around are not conducive to the purpose God has for my life, then I pray for deliverance from that. If my cell phone is hindering my time with God, then I pray for deliverance from that. If my chasing $ (which is the ROOT to all evil) is keeping me from fully enjoying life that God has destined for me to do, then I pray for deliverance from that as well as an abundance of faith that ALL of my needs will be met just as you promised. If me partaking in petty gossip is keeping me from hearing your voice in what to entertain and what not to entertain, then I pray for deliverance from that. If MYSELF is what is keeping me from fully committing, then I pray for deliverance from that.

These prayers may seem foolish to some, but only those who have and yearn to have an established relationship with Christ will fully understand the goal I am trying to obtain. Ultimately, HE is the only person that I have to answer to when it all ends. I’m just praying for an over abundance of faith to fully submit before that day comes. Pray for me, as I will pray for y’all.


Angelica Little
06/18/2012 10:07am

Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!


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